A Series About a Thief? What’s It All About?

REQTHIEF - 1 - eBook Cover

So, let me start my new blogging experience by telling you a little bit about my passion. Requisition For: A Thief is an ongoing book series about a thief who is not really a bad guy. Raised from birth to be the best international jewel thief in the world, Gregg Hadyn has an elevated IQ and talents and gifts that have led him to accomplish that goal–and then some.

So what can a genius, international jewel thief of Gregg Hadyn’s caliber do for the right side of the law? Former FBI Assistant Director Denny Garret, now the director of a new intelligence community covert action-response team, the Strategic Intelligence Response Unit, or SIRU, often wondered the same thing.

Twelve years of chasing the thief as the assistant director of the Criminal Investigative Division of the FBI continually frustrated Denny. Gregg Hadyn had proven to be un-catchable. With his new team of crack military personnel, covert operatives, and especially his beautiful new profiler, however, Denny’s obsession to catch the notorious thief is renewed–but with a whole different final outcome in mind. Put a thief with Gregg Hadyn’s capabilities behind bars to rot? No way. Put the stealthy genius to work–stealing for the U.S. Government.

Here are the cover pictures for Book 1 – complete with back cover synopsis:REQTHIEF - 1 - JPG Covers

Meet J. A. Devereaux and the Requisition For: A Thief Book Series

This is the post excerpt.

I’m not much of a blogger, that much is for sure, but here is another place that I will be posting about my book series, updating readers on the latest books in the series, and giving my readers some insight as to how my author mind works out plots and twists. This is also a good place for me to get your feedback. Thanks in advance for your patronage and interest in Gregg Hadyn–hot, sexy, and very talented thief for the United States Government!


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