Book 7 in the Making – Part 2

Research. In every novel, there comes a point where a writer needs to embark on research. Generally, it’s extensive.

For Book 1, I did a lot of research on places–Malibu, Washington, DC…along with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the Hoover FBI Building, the Cote d’Azur, France; diamonds–specifically the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, & carat weight).



In Book 2, I surfed the web for intel on the DOJ–sentencing guidelines and federal correctional facilities (FCIs), the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA and the FBI’s chain of command, the CIA, African diamond mines, and guns…specifically Glocks and high powered sniper rifles.

Glock 22

Accuracy International .338 Lapua Magnum

Book 3 had me scouring locales in New York City and all over the world map looking for the coordinates 6 – 6 – 6 (you’ll have to read the book to find out about that tidbit!), and information on memory loss.

For Book 4, I leaned heavily on my math grad student son (who now holds a bonafide Ph.D. in math and is a math professor at Cornerstone University) for every detail on the RSA code used by banks and all sorts of other high profile institutions, and back to the Internet for research on Moscow, Russia (Red Square, Lubyanka Square and the Lubyanka Square Building and Museum), the KGB and the FSB.

RSA Code

Red Square, Moscow

Book 5 was all about drones–the U.S. Predator and Reaper drones and a cool education in allies of China vs. allies of the U.S. as well as both countries’ enemies.

MQ-B1 Predator Drone

Book 6 took me to Maracaibo, Venezuela, and gave me an education in gunrunning and military weapons on the black market.

All of the books had some form of research on safes, vaults, and security systems.

Opening the vault

Red Lasers Security


So what am I researching in Book 7, you ask? U.S. and African shipping ports, various sizes and construction of shipping containers, luxury yachts–specifically the fastest yachts in the world–and a place to create my own “made up” island off the coast of Gabon, West Africa.

Shipping Containers

Port of Savannah


So what’s Book 7 all about? Stay tuned for more updates, specifically the publishing date!

Book 7 in the Making – Part 1

REQTHIEF - 7 - eBook Cover

I hadn’t intended for Books 6 and 7 to connect in any other way except the titles. I couldn’t get past the notion that “Once a Thief” needed to be followed by “Always a Thief,” but that’s all I originally planned. It was my phenomenal editor, Patricia Woodside (plug, plug, plug–she absolutely IS PHENOMENAL), who, after reading and editing the ending of Book 6 commented that I’d better be planning to scope out the little bomb I dropped at the end of Book 6 to its conclusion in Book 7. I had to admit, she had a valid point.

By necessity, this post is different than all the others. Book 7 hasn’t been published yet, hasn’t even been completely written, so I don’t want to give away any plot secrets–even to myself. So, let me just start with the cover.

Isn’t it fabulous???!!!

Kudos to my cover design artist–Jeffrey Kosh, Jeffrey Kosh Graphics. The man is a genius, and he’s so patient with me! Thank you once again, Jeffrey, for a 5-star cover. Having the cover for the book I’m currently writing is a great motivator to finish the novel. I’ve had the luxury of seeing covers 5 and 6 as I was still creating those stories, and that proved extremely helpful for those books. Before there was Jeffrey Kosh, there was Stephen Devereaux and Jessica Terra for Books 1 – 4, (covers which Jeffrey re-did professionally for me when I contracted him for Book 5) and with Stephen’s design and Jessica’s digital enhancement, I also had a cover for Book 4 to gaze upon before the story was finished. As I said parathentically, all preceding books were redesigned when I contracted Jeffrey, but those first covers were designed out of love for me. As such they will always be precious to me. But alas, with this book, Book 7, I’ve needed more motivating than with any of the other books.

I actually did have a pretty good idea of what I wanted plotwise and sub-plotwise when I began writing #7 last year. So, here’s a little bit of a spoiler: I knew it was high time Gregg met Carly’s family, and I knew I wanted that to occur over Christmas. I also wanted at least one member of Carly’s family to be “not accepting” of Carly’s marriage to the notorious thief, and a way for Gregg to prove himself worthy, yet again. So that’s where I started. And I did manage to get the story rolling.

Right now, I’m about 40% into the book, which means the climax action hasn’t yet begun, although I have a couple “edge of your seat” moments so far. I have a good idea for the ending and an epic heist (of course) already pretty well fleshed out, but, at this time, I’m a little foggy on how to get there without boring myself as well as everyone else. Take heart, though! I usually have an “Aha” moment–I’ve had at least one, and sometimes up to three or four, in every book so far. I’m sure my “Aha” is coming; I have not given up hope. I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

Meanwhile, here are a few things I’ve been doing on the side.


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