So … It’s written, edited, and published. Now what?

REQTHIEF - 7 - eBook Cover

Marketing. It’s a nine-letter dirty word. At least that’s how I feel about a lot of the marketing that has to be undertaken to put my novel “out there.” Some of the marketing can be fun–such as the promotional video trailers we’ve done for this series. Those were a blast! Check out “The Heist” through “The Heist – Part Four” on YouTube or on my website:

Continually posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are generally not enough marketing to launch a book into the realm of the gazillion other novels out there with enough force to get anyone to look at it. Bottom line: It costs money to market effectively. However, if you choose your marketing venues wisely, it doesn’t have to bankrupt you. I found a good combination strategy just recently while marketing Book 6–and all the books in this series–for Christmas.

Facebook Ads plus a boosted post for an eBook “Special Offer” works well. Facebook will also pull in Instagram for the ad, so you get a twofer. You can set your own budget, which makes marketing with Facebook a more pleasant experience. You can also set up your ad to read or play (as in a video or slideshow) however you want. I find it fun to set up the ads.

Amazon Ads is the other tool I use simultaneously with the Facebook Ad and boosted post. I’ll run a special on the eBooks for a week, taking the prices down to 99¢–or sometimes, running Book 1 for free while the other books in the series are 99¢–all the while advertising this special deal with the boosted FB post, the FB Ad, and the Amazon Ad. Then, every day, I’ll repost to FB, Instagram, Twitter … etc. When I found this combination back in December for Christmas marketing, I gave away and/or sold over 2,000 eBooks. I was enormously happy with that!

I’ll be doing the same on February 12th for the “Welcome Book 7” marketing campaign. For those of you who read this blog, you’re getting the first glimpse of what will happen starting Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, and continuing through Friday, Feb. 16. It’ll look something like this:


Monday, Feb 12 – Friday, Feb 16.



eBooks 1 and 2 = 99¢

eBooks 3 – 6 = $1.49

eBook 7 debut = $2.99




I’m moving on to continue writing the first book in my new series – Born to Steal – Thief à la Femme Book 1. I’m excited about adding a new series which features a female thief!

Thief à la Femme - 1 - eBook Cover


I hope to have “Femme” published in early Summer, after which I will be writing Book 8 in the REQUISITION FOR: A THIEF Series. I don’t have a cover, as yet, but here’s a teaser my phenomenal cover design artist made for me:

REQTHIEF - 8 - Promo Image

I’m just as excited to go on with “Thief!”

Thanks to all who buy, read, and review the books. It really does mean the world to me!


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