Writer’s Block … It’s Real, Folks!

Writer's Block

I’ve been a writer for a lot of years, and I’ve had moments, days, where I’ve struggled to put together a sentence that I felt good about. But I have to say, after seven books in the Requisition For: A Thief series and one book in the Thief à la Femme series, I’ve never struggled with motivation before–not before now.

I left my readers hanging, big time, at the end of Born to Steal – Thief à la Femme Book 1. My editor strongly urged me to get the second book out as quickly as possible, because people were going to complain. I had a good start on Book 2–because it had been the end of Book 1 at one point. The reason I moved those end parts out and left Book 1 on such a cliffhanger was because tying it up wasn’t the way I felt it should end. I couldn’t see another ending but the one I gave it. So, I got right on Book 2 – thief.con – beginning that book with what had once been the ending of Book 1. But then my editor surprised me … in the best possible way … and edited Born to Steal in one week. I had about six chapters written in thief.con, but when the editing on Born to Steal was completed, the manuscript went directly to my interior formatting guy (who also designs my covers), and he had the formatting done in a day. Everything that happens to get a book published and listed on Amazon in both paperback and eBook then took over … and really took over all of my time. When I finally was able to get back to thief.con, I couldn’t seem to get the flow going again. I muddled along, writing another couple of chapters, but not really feeling good about them.

I’ve never taken ANY time off between books; I have always gone straight into the next book in the series. It was different this time. Jeffrey (cover design artist), created a beautiful cover for Book 2. Having book covers ready and waiting before I’m done writing (shoot, sometimes before I’ve even begun the next book) which had always helped me get in the spirit, somehow didn’t quite do it this time.

Thief à la Femme - 2 - eBook Cover.jpg

Look at that! Isn’t that a fabulous cover?!! Should be MORE than enough to get a writer motivated!

I ended up taking some more time, however. I needed to remember what it felt like to “create” again; I’d been in edit and marketing mode for too long.

My solution was to drop the project and go back through all of my books–reread all seven Requisition For: A Thief books and then finally reread Born to Steal. I hoped by reading my previous works, I’d remember how I write, and rereading Born to Steal would give me a running start back into the second half of that book’s story.

Did it work? I’m not sure yet. I’m ready to resume writing thief.con, picking up where I left off in Chapter 9. Guess we’ll see!

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