A Little Writing … A Lot of Promoting

Hey there! It’s been a while! Let me bring you up to speed.

I published three books in 2018: Always a Thief (Requisition For: A Thief Book 7), Born to Steal (Thief à la Femme Book 1), and thief.con (Thief à la Femme Book 2). A prolific year by anyone’s standards.

After the new series, I intended to jump right back into the Requisition For: A Thief series. Book 8, 13th Rule of Theft was on the docket. I had a basic idea and a fabulous cover already made thanks to Jeffrey Kosh Graphics, but something went haywire. I don’t know. Maybe I just got a little tapped out. Maybe I needed a break. Maybe I even had that “writer’s twelve letter dirty word” … (ooh, cringe, cringe…) writer’s block … ugh! Whatever the reason, I couldn’t seem to get going with 13th Rule of Theft. So I did what every author does in times like these … I procrastinated.

I certainly had enough to do without adding writing to my day, anyway. I had two book-selling engagements at two bookstores, plus a presentation at my local library (pictured above and below).

The library presentation was huge for me, as I was awarded an hour and a half to “talk” about my books. Of course, I can talk about my books all day, but for an establishment to give me permission and invite an audience to be held prisoner for an hour and a half … all to hear me (and see me, as I’m very animated) talk about my books was … well … POSITIVELY GLORIOUS!

I had what was considered by the library – Jackson District Library, Carnegie Branch, Jackson, MI – to be a very good turnout, all thanks to my high school buddies who came out in droves. I sold 35 books that evening, a record for me for book sales in a personal appearance venue. It was truly a wonderful evening.

Then, there was Christmas with family, and then my husband and I left for Florida for two months. At this point, I had a start on Book 8, a few chapters written, but no real idea of the main plot or ANY idea of subplots. I began writing again in Florida.

We’re back in Michigan now, and I am very happy to say I’m up to Chapter 11. I believe I have enough of a start to pick up the reins and run with it at this point … and I’ve got a few good ideas.

As I press onward to complete 13th Rule of Theft (Requisition For: A Thief Book 8) and still hope for a Summer 2019 publishing date, check out all of my published books on my website: jadevereaux.com, and stay tuned for updates on my Facebook Page: facebook.com/reqthiefseries.

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