Gearing Up for “Femme” Book 3

With eleven books now published to my credit–nine in the REQUISITION FOR: A THIEF Series and two in the Thief à la Femme Series–I’m planning to continue writing in both series … and it’s Femme’s turn. In keeping with the somewhat unorthodox way in which I write, I have very little in mind as I start this project. I have a title, a picture to send my cover design artist for the creation of a cover, a sketchy idea for a main plot (which is based on the title), and a couple of new characters who will undoubtedly give me some subplots. I have NO specifics for the main plot and no real, tangible ideas for a subplot. But don’t worry. This is pretty much how all of my books begin.

The title is:

The Triple Crown*

*of Jewel Theft

(Thief à la Femme Book 3)

… and here’s the basic picture for the cover. I wanted to post it because when my cover design artist, Jeffrey Kosh-JK Graphics, gets done sprucing it up, I guarantee it won’t look much like this. It’ll be WAY cooler!

Here are the previous two books in the Thief à la Femme Series:

Catch up or purchase now, because Book 3 is due to publish in early 2020!

Author: J.A. Devereaux

J. A. Devereaux is passionate about the thief who isn’t really a bad guy, guys like Alexander Mundy (It Takes a Thief), Neal Caffrey (White Collar), the “Leverage” crew, REQUISITION FOR: A THIEF’s Gregg Hadyn and cunning female thieves Niki Grey and Jaelynn Madding, and Thief à la Femme's Rayla Rousseau. Such characters motivated her extensive knowledge of diamonds and her own thieving skills—strictly for research and writing purposes, of course! A long distance runner, former cross country coach, and former singer/songwriter, she resides with her husband in Jackson, Michigan.

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