Balancing Two Series

Back in February of 2018, with seven Requisition For: A Thief Series books completed, I spread my wings and ventured out to start a new series.

Whereas the REQTHIEF series features a male thief who finds himself on the “right” side of the law working for a covert espionage team–stealing for the U.S. government, I wanted something different for the new series. Not too different, mind you. I’m still the “author who’s passionate about thieves who aren’t really bad guys.” But several of my reading audience had expressed a desire to see a female thief. Thus was born the Thief à la Femme Series with Book 1 – Born to Steal, the part-one cliffhanger for the pilot to the series. Book 1 was quickly followed by Book 2 – thief.con, wrapping up the pilot story.

Being a Michigan girl myself, I gave my slick, talented female thief–who is a thief in her own right (Thief à la Femme), as well as a member of a group of female thieves (Robin(s) of the Hood)–a wonderful Michigan-girl background.

I returned to the Requisition For: A Thief Series for 2019, publishing Book 8 on July 16th:

and The Price of Notoriety < Prequel One > on August 28. “Price” originally had been written many years before as a standalone heist/romance (the first book I ever wrote), but I have now rewritten it and released it as the first Prequel to the REQTHIEF Series:

Clearly it’s time to get back into the Thief à la Femme Series–which is what I’m doing with The Triple Crown* … *of Jewel Theft:

I’m now so glad I made my female thief, Rayla Rousseau, a Michigan girl. I had the pleasure and privilege of touring Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan as research for this book, and it was a phenomenal experience.

Much like the title suggests, the book centers around a trio of jewel thefts patterned after The Triple Crown of horse racing.

With such an awesome cover, I only hope I can do it and my home state justice, as Michigan (and specifically her Upper Peninsula and unique island) take center stage in Book 3.

Publishing date is tentatively set for early (March/April) 2020.

For REQUISITION FOR: A THIEF fans, take heart. I have high hopes to turn out Book 9 –The Thief Within – later in 2020, as well, and yes, as the “Prequel One” moniker suggests, there will be a Prequel Two coming up the road, likely in 2021.

Author: J.A. Devereaux

J. A. Devereaux is passionate about the thief who isn’t really a bad guy, guys like Alexander Mundy (It Takes a Thief), Neal Caffrey (White Collar), the “Leverage” crew, REQUISITION FOR: A THIEF’s Gregg Hadyn and cunning female thieves Niki Grey and Jaelynn Madding, and Thief à la Femme's Rayla Rousseau. Such characters motivated her extensive knowledge of diamonds and her own thieving skills—strictly for research and writing purposes, of course! A long distance runner, former cross country coach, and former singer/songwriter, she resides with her husband in Jackson, Michigan.

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