Twelve Books Published … and Still Going Strong!

I am very proud of my accomplishment: Twelve novels in two series published in the last seven years and available to anyone and everyone on via my website.:

My latest novel, in the Thief à la Femme series, was recently published on February 24, 2020.

This, the third book in the Thief à la Femme series, marks the beginning of my collaboration with:

I am currently writing the next book, the ninth in the Requisition For: A Thief series (not counting Prequel One).

Exciting stuff, this writing novels thing! I am in my element and having a blast.

All of my books are professionally edited. I truly am putting out good, well-written prose, so … if you like Action-Adventure/Crime-Heist/Romance stories (the Thief à la Femme series), and Action-Adventure/Crime-Heist/Espionage/Romance stories (the Requisition For: A Thief series) — novels about thieves who aren’t really bad guys — you should check out my books. Really.

Although I thought writing these blog posts would be a good way to connect with and keep my readers up to date, this will be my last post, unless someone indicates they are liking and reading them. I would love to keep anyone interested updated, but if no one is reading these blogs, they are only serving to take time away from writing novels–which I would much rather be doing … if, that is, these blogs are unread. The stats indicate that is the case.

So … bottom line? If you like reading about my thoughts and exploits in the world of writing and authoring, please leave me a comment on this post. Otherwise, it was fun while it lasted!

Keep checking my Website and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites for new books on the horizon.

Sincerely and lovingly yours …


J.A. Devereaux, Author

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